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Do we have a mentality that in order to learn a language we have to attend an physical, in-person class?

Penny is considering returning to uni to do a diploma in Mandarin Chinese, so we had a chat about some of the pros and cons of class/group learning compared to independent learning. The structure and commitment of class learning can be a good thing, but so can independent, self-directed study.

Technology has also really changed the way that we can all approach and access language learning resources, meaning that it’s much more achievable to fit learning a language into our lives in amongst all our other commitments.

We talk about independent learning – but with assistance! Tutors, iTalki classes, a ‘drop in’ teacher. Self-directed study is great for calling in assistance when you need it, and allows you to determine the content of what you study.

On the other hand, class-based learning can be really enjoyable. The discipline of turning up to a class, at a set day and time, can be motivating (as well as having the goal of potentially achieving a qualification for your efforts). The social aspect of classes can also be great, as you get to share your language learning experience with others.

What have your experiences been of learning a language in a classroom context, independently or both?

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