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If you’re into watching foreign language TV shows on Netflix as much as we are, you’ll love the Language Learning With Netflix Chrome Extension. In this episode of Language Chats, we talk about what this Chrome extension is, how to set it up (the standard version is free!), which languages it supports, and some of our thoughts on making the most of it for language learning.

UPDATE 22/7/2019: Since the time of recording, there has been quite a big update to the extension including that subtitles can now show on top of the video, an additional side panel to view all subtitles, better support for Asian languages, the ability to print the bilingual script and export subtitles to Anki, as well as the addition of a paid Pro version (machine translation and word saving are now only available in Pro). However, the essentials of how this tool works - which is what we discuss in this episode! - remain the same.

using the Language learning with netflix chrome extension - Dark (original language: German)

using the Language learning with netflix chrome extension - Dark (original language: German)

We chat some of this tool’s features and how we’ve been using it, including:

  • Having two sets of subtitles (both the original language and a language of your choice) as you watch

  • Watching a series you’re already familiar with and changing the audio and primary subtitles to your target language (while also having secondary subtitles in your mother tongue)

  • Slowing speech segments (80% speed)

  • Keyboard shortcuts – play, pause, and forwards/backwards to the next set of subtitles

  • Hovering over the words in the primary subtitles to show the meaning in context, as well as some secondary meanings

  • Selecting your level when choosing subtitles and more difficult words will be highlighted

 We also discuss some of the current limitations and improvements we’d like to see:

  • Currently only possible to use this on desktop via Google Chrome

  • Subtitles are not always spot on – make sure you select human translated subtitles (over machine translated subtitles) in Options if this is available for your target language

  • Bec would love to see the gender of nouns (relevant for languages such as French, Italian, German etc. that have grammatical gender) also noted in the pop-up ‘meaning’ box when hovering over the word in the subtitles

Are you using Language Learning With Netflix? What shows are you watching and what languages are you watching them in? Get in touch to share your thoughts!

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