About this Language Chat

Penny and Bec chat about some of the foreign language TV series that they are enjoying at the moment (and the languages that they are enjoying through these shows!), many of which are available online through streaming services such as SBS On Demand and Netflix in Australia.

Watching TV series in another language can be a great listening exercise, but we’ve also both found ourselves inspired (or at least tempted) to learn new languages that we’ve heard - sometimes for the first time - through a TV show.

Do you have a foreign language TV recommendation to share? Have you fallen in love with, or been tempted to learn, a language after listening to it spoken in a TV series? Let us know!

Note: We make several references to both SBS On Demand and Netflix in this episode, but please note that this podcast is not sponsored by either SBS Australia or Netflix Australia. We have simply mentioned where we watched these shows at the time of recording (May 2019) so that you can find them too if you’re interested!

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