About this Language Chat

In this episode of Language Chats, we talk all about our experience of taking part in The Language Event - Melbourne which was held for the first time on 21st-22nd September 2019!

It was a weekend filled with presentations on a range of language-related topics, like raising a multilingual family (Richard Simcott), language reclamation and revival (Professor Ghil'ad Zuckermann), how the voice works and using it in different languages (Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez, Voice Science), and how to have immersion language experiences locally rather than travelling abroad (from our own Rebecca Howie), while also providing an amazing opportunity for a bunch of language lovers to meet, hang out and chat.

This episode also includes some quick interviews with a number of language lovers who attended this event (including Richard Simcott, hyperpolyglot and organiser of the Polyglot Conference) - tune in to hear what they thought about this exciting weekend too! A big thank you to all those who happily shared their opinions and experiences with us for the podcast :)

Would you like to come along to an event like this in Australia (or in the general Asia-Pacific region)? Let us know your thoughts!

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