About this Language Chat

Learning a language takes time – it can be both fun and fulfilling, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not hard work! Outwardly, it can seem like it happens overnight for polyglots, but we have to remind ourselves that this isn’t the reality. So it’s always refreshing (and comforting!) to read and hear from other language learners who have had the same struggles and challenges as us!

In this episode of Language Chats, Bec and Penny discuss their favourite language bloggers to follow for inspiration, motivation and language learning tips and resources.

There are so many more language bloggers out there! Do you have any favourites or go-to language blogs?

Let us know who or what you’ve been following lately!

Episode Links

General Language Bloggers

  • Kerstin CableFluent Language

    Plus podcast – The Fluent Show

  • Lindsay WilliamsLindsay Does Languages

    Plus Language Stories series podcasts, videos and book

  • #ClearTheList – Accountability, motivation and checking in with other language learners each month

  • Shannon Kennedy Eurolinguiste

    Resources, plus a Croatian podcast

  • Kerstin Cable, Lindsay Williams & Shannon Kennedyco-founders of Women in Language conference

  • Katie HarrisJoy of Languages

    Tips and resources, lots of focus on the ‘fun of learning’, plus an Italian podcast

    #LanguageDiaryChallenge – daily check-ins on Instagram

  • Benny Lewis Fluent in Three Months

    Big collection of articles on language learning and languages in general

  • Olly RichardsI Will Teach You a Language

    Short Stories in German, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian & English

    French in beginners book – tips on learning and pronunciation

  • Michele FrollaThe Intrepid Guide

    Travel-focused with language guides and great images!

  • Ingrid TruemperSecond Half Travels

    Travels and language learning with focus on Spanish, Portuguese and Russian – Plus TV show inspiration

  • Itchy Feet Comics by Malachi Ray Rempen

    All about language and travel

Language-specific Bloggers

  • Vietnamese

    ElisabethMore Vietnamese

    Resources, information on exams, tones, pronunciation etc

  • Chinese

    Sapore di Cina

    Travel related, character learning, exam related preparation

    (English version plus and Italian and Spanish version of website)

  • Asian language-focused – Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Malay, Tagalog, Vietnamese

    Lindie Botes

  • Italian

    Lucrezia OddoneLearn Italian with Lucrezia

    Plus videos on Instagram and YouTube

    Great everyday Italian, plus fantastic insight into life in Rome