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The Language Lovers AU podcast - Language Chats - is here!

Penny has mainly learnt Asian languages, Bec has mainly learnt European languages. Both kind of want to learn some Norwegian after watching Occupied on Netflix…

We can’t tell you how to get fluent in fifteen days… But we can tell you about the small wins, the mental blanks, and all the things that inspire us to keep learning languages as adults while living in Australia (which can generally feel pretty far away from almost everywhere).

You can listen to the Language Chats podcast at the links below or on your platform of choice - just search for Language Chats on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Stitcher.

Dabbling: Why It’s Ok To Not Commit
Penny is having a dabble in French, which got us talking about dabbling in a language and why there’s nothing wrong with just learning a few words without committing to larger, long-term goals. Click here to listen.

From Third Culture Kid in France, to teaching French in Australia: Interview with Devy Baseley
For the first time, we have a guest with us on Language Chats! We chat to Devy Baseley, founder of French Speak, about speaking more than one language as a child and her experiences of teaching (and learning) languages here in Australia as an adult. Click here to listen.

Maintaining One Language While Learning Another
In this Language Chat, we respond to a listener question from Deborah in Sydney about how to maintain one learning in language while also learning a new one. Click here to listen.

Language Events Worldwide (that we’d love to go to!)
Penny and Bec chat about all the language events happening around the world and discuss how it’s often the social aspects of language events and conferences, especially for independent language learners, that are the drawcard. Click here to listen.

Foreign Language TV Series - What We’re Watching
Penny and Bec chat about some of the foreign language TV series that they are enjoying at the moment (and the languages that they are enjoying - and getting tempted to learn! - through these shows). Click here to listen.

Independent vs Class Learning - The Pros and Cons
Penny is considering returning to uni to do a diploma in Mandarin Chinese, so we had a chat about some of the pros and cons of class/group learning compared to independent learning for languages. Click here to listen.

Welcome to Language Chats!
This first episode is just a little intro to who we are - what languages we’ve learnt, what we’re focused on now, our language idols… Click here to listen.